Hearnshaw Arboretum underway on Kapiti Coast

The vision for Arcus is to create an arboretum or library of special native and exotic trees for future Kiwis to enjoy.

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now."

Beyond a lifetime

The arboretum or tree library is a new long-term family project to honour Dr Ed Hearnshaw's passion for and commitment to tree conservation and regeneration.

It's an enrichment project that will span multiple lifetimes, with some trees set to live hundreds, if not over a thousand years.

The Arcus property has many mature trees already, like this stunning Gingko Biloba tree. 

In ten years' time, the arboretum will be beautifully established, in 20 years it will be remarkable and in forty years, we hope it will be a treasure. 

Forest planting party & karakia

Our first forest planting party in 2022 was a beautiful collaboration. Led by arborist and forest designer, Bert Harris, family and friends of all ages gathered and worked harmoniously together to plant 500 species over a couple of hours. 

To those of you who came, we are so grateful for the generous support you gave to this project. It could not have happened without you! 

We plan future planting parties for those who are inspired to be part of the fun.


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