Invest in coaching for your whole team and transform your team culture

One of CluedUp's unique specialties is its team development programme that empowers teams to create a healthy, thriving culture of collaboration and innovation.

The Team Dynamics Programme helps teams create genuine connections, and inspires real teamwork and boosts performance. Uniquely, CluedUp's approach involves the entire team, including its leaders, to create a greater understanding of the team: the people in the team, how it functions, its purpose, its mission and objectives. 

About the Team Dynamics programme

With the Team Dynamics Programme, your team will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Gain insights into the unique qualities and characteristics of your team
  • Discover your existing team dynamic: what is working and what is not
  • Understand the keys to creating a great team dynamic: safety, belonging, trust, purpose and value
  • Learn the behaviours that support teamwork and the behaviours that don’t
  • Design a team dynamic that will lift performance and support your team to thrive
  • Create a road map for embedding a new team dynamic
  • Build rapport, feel more energised and become more connected.

The Arcus venue provides the perfect nature-filled back-drop for your Team Dynamics workshop. It's a place that inspires teams to connect, relax and co-create new futures. 

Enabling NZ organisations for over 20 years

For over twenty years, Nic has been helping New Zealand's most successful companies build their teamwork and leadership capabilities. Nic is a highly skilled master trainer and certified team coach. Nic lives and breathes teamwork. It’s in his DNA. He has innate ability to lead people on a fun, invigorating, challenging and fulfilling learning journey.

Stop working in a team and start working as a team.


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